Monday, August 07, 2006

A. W. I. A. 13: Changing the subject

I'd told the man who claimed to be a doctor that I didn't want to talk about telephone wires anymore. He could pretend not to understand or act normal, it was up to him, but I would not play along.

He asked, "Why is this making you uncomfortable?"

But I wouldn't play along with that, either. "It's not," I said. "I just don't want to talk about it. I am very comfortable. Here. With you. So comfortable, in fact, that I'd like to insist that we change the subject."

He knew he'd won that round. How could he not? I'd practically handed it to him. But I still held some cards. For instance,

I had not yet tasted the coffee he'd brought me. But I had restored some kind of balance by insisting we change the subject.

I could tell he was trying to prove things about me to himself, and to any others in league with him, but I had only told him the truth, and answered his questions honestly. I could see, now, however, that in the long run that approach would get us nowhere. I would be more careful.

He sat back in his chair. "Tell me about the rest of your walk, why don't you?"



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