Sunday, November 05, 2006

A.W.I.A. 22: More Back

I had seen almost nothing of the facility by which I was being contained. I was in the hall that ended behinded me and continued ahead, and I was doing the thought experiment I was telling you about.

It was like this: If I was not a prisoner, I did not have to reenter the room with the man who claimed to be a doctor. But maybe I was being led to believe I was not a prisoner so that I would trust him, and actually, his net was just too big to feel like a net yet? Eventually, I would swim into the ropes. But, because I did this thought experiment, I quickly saw the only way to continue to imagine that I was not a prisoner was to avoid seeking proof of my freedom.

I decided to reenter the room. The man who claimed to be a doctor was sitting at the table where I'd left him, trying to look like he'd been doing that the whole time. Fair enough.

"Hello," he told me.
I did not see how this could be a trap. "Hello," I said back, after due consideration.
The man sighed. "Why don't you and I just level with each other?"

"Have you not leveled with me?" I asked. I was frankly surprised he'd give so much away so quickly, but could only assume it meant he was hiding more than I'd imagined.

"Maybe," said the man who claimed to be a doctor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair enough...What? FAIR ENOUGH...!!!! I don't think so.....

November 05, 2006  
Blogger L M said...

Well, of course.

November 05, 2006  

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