Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blu~ and I have come to an agreement...

...even though I suspect that's not his real name: on Monday, when I have recovered from the weekend treatments, I will resume my narrative where I left off.

Meanwhile, I thought I had it bad, but it seems it can still be had worse. I urge you all to rally around a suffering member of our community, Egvadz Floincz.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DJ3NoDee writes: I tried your code and now I am convinced that you are not Budow. Player, step off!You dis me, you dis the memory of a great man. I am back in my diagonals, I will find out how you tripped to us. Maybe it was Floincz. I never paid much attention to him before. He always a stoner. Monkees! Man he be seein thangs since I was comin up. She-ut, back in the day that homes was doin 3bys and zillas when we were just stringing. Maybe it is Floincz, it better not be. Still, who else would know about Budow's shibboleth? The doctor? Nah, he's all I'm a Gamer not a Finder. It has to be Floincz. If it is, it will be more than glass and bananas, I promise.

September 21, 2006  
Blogger Egvadz Floincz said...

DJ3NoDee, the acuity of your commentary has ebbed steadily since you removed that enormous stick-on mustache you wore for almost 30 years. A philosopher of your time (I believe it was Richard Rorty or Daniel Dennett or Douglas Hofstadter or John Searle or Richard Dawkins or Marvin Minsky or Steven Pinker or Julian Jaynes or Buttons McFlibbert or Noam Chomsky) postulated the existence of Karmic Mustache Fibers which extend underneath the surface of the skin and into the brain and protect the mustache by causing massive extinction of brain cells if the mustache is shaved or if the delicate ecosystem within it is disrupted. This idiotic theory was categorically disproved in the mid twenty-first century, but I suspect it may be true in your case nonetheless. As for you, L M, while I appreciate your concern, I assure you that I am very much in the pink of health, as the saying went in your time. It's true that the fever comes and goes and can prompt somewhat manic expostulations, but now that my equilibrium has returned I have rededicated myself in a most sober fashion to the prompt extinction of that thieving little monkey.

September 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Menos Budow writes: So it is and was you Floincz. Always hiding behind false scholarship on that little bump of land in the East River. Rat Island is well named for your presence. Well two can play at the same game. Have you ever wondered where the monkee gets his supplies? Have you ever wondered about the small piece of seemingly uncharted dirt on Ellis Island? Don't look, I have long since left that place for a better vantage point.

The great joke is that you think you knew DJ3NoDee at all. Can you really remember seeing him or is he someone that resonates in your memory? Did he really have a mustache -- stick-n or otherwise? Was he tall or short or skinny or fat? Walk with a limp? Which leg? Were both arms left? What color was his eye? The hairpiece, did it fit?

You don't rally know, do you?

I make no promises and I make no threats. Return the box and then we will talk.

September 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AmIanMD writes: A gamer? A finder? 3, you are very aware of the work I have been doing and for whom. We both know that you like to -- how shall I put it? -- infuse your rantings with threats. How many hours did we spend on this? You must refocus your motivation and redirect your anger toward your [our] goal.

Go back to your primary repetition. Over and over again, breathe and say it. Your inner calm will return. You will be restored. And with this will come the feeling of peacefulness that we strived so long to achieve.

Remember the Lunchroom Meetings? Remember how we sat around and after what seemed like 1,000 cups of coffee, you confronted your demons.

You have been to the very edge and back three times. I am deaing with Budow and Floincz. I have sent MLF a message requesting he intervene personally with the committee and have the box ruled a cardient outside the play. If either bring it up, flee the scene to avoid the confrontation. I am confident that my request will be granted. You are right to follow the diagonals, in so far as they can be discerned. Just don't disregard the other pieces.

And Floincz and Budow, shame on you. Your issues are with me not 3. Do you both need a touching up?
I am always here. Always willing to listen.

September 25, 2006  
Blogger Blu~ said...

It may not be my real name but it is my name of nicks from which I was named many moons ago after an accident of sorts...

I or we are in agreement on all levels of unconformity and I am greatly fond of this venture into realms of unworthy unchartedness, hmmmmm? That makes me think...

I am happy.

Stick on mustache? I dunno...?

Strange, very strange...


September 27, 2006  

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