Monday, September 24, 2007

Hatching an escape plan

It's becoming clearer that I am going to have to spin a yarn of my own to follow out of this mess, like Dedalus. That guy with his crazy shells: what was he thinking?

Only the same brainwashed yogurt-swilling chirping ninnies at breakfast; I didn't hear a word of it this time. They talk the same nonsense over and over again, except Samson, who's still so quiet. I think I trust him. But I don't know.
And who is the new one, in the grey sweats? I'll ask at lunch.


Blogger Captain Mervyn Klagman said...

I am not a ninny! I am a Captain. Do you hear me? A Captain, and I won't have this. I can't be staying up all night monitoring this. Ask Spritt. Ask Samson. I am a Captain. I am a tired Captain. I happen to like yogurt. I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow. In the barracks we had only cabbage soup, and the Argentine cook burned the cabbage deliberately every time. How I hated him. Truly.

September 24, 2007  

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